Germany 2020

Portraits on Polaroid


Everyone has the need to comply with their freedom, to maintain social contacts and to move outside in fresh air.

But what happens when this freedom is restricted? With a Polaroid camera, I photographed people who are affected by the consequences of social distancing in a variety of ways.


Isolation is difficult for most people. Even after loosening contact locks, we are still unsettled, want to protect family and friends, have fears for existence or are struggling with psychological consequences. In my conversations, however, I also had positive experiences: more time for the family, things that have been put on hold for a long time are taken care of, and finally you can come to rest without a guilty conscience. During the no - contact - restriction, often only the view from the window remained. The familiar environment, which hardly plays a major role in everyday life, is suddenly an essential access to the outside world. Having a house and garden and a clear view of the sky have a different effect than a view of the urban world, a busy traffic street in front of the door or even a construction site. The reflection of the window pane from the outside on the portrayed shows how different the world is for us.


See the whole Exhibition @Widerkunstfestival from 13.8.20 till 12.9.20 at Holzmarkt25 in Berlin.